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Arsen - Mia Asher I finished Arsen last night and my head is still spinning. I can not recall a single book that made me feel this torn up. One minute I'm reading along and I'm tempted to throw my Kindle across the room. The next I'm almost in tears because Cathy's story is so real and it's brutal.

Cathy has it all, or at least those on the outside would think that. What they don't know is that she is crumbling inside.

"My body is a ticking time bomb. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Everything dies inside me. Nothing survives."

After three miscarriages her marriage to college sweetheart Ben, is starting to waver and she feels as if she isn't women enough. Let me say here that I can completely relate to this. My husband and I tried to have children for 3 years and had multiple miscarriages. It took a huge toll on our marriage.

Enter Arsen, sexy playboy who doesn't bother to hide the fact that he wants to "fuck" Cathy. Cathy finds the blonder haired,l younger man sexy and hot but refuses to give into his advances. Except she does. Slowly and at first it's not a sexual relationship. Arsen is someone she can talk with. About her miscarriages and her marriage. He's there for her, in ways that Ben is not. But I felt Ben could have been there for Cathy if she had just let him in.

"People say that if you play with fire, you'll only get burned. Well, when it comes to Arsen, I not only want to get burned, I want to be incinerated."

The book gives us some glances into Ben's POV and even once delves into Arsen's but the majority of it is told by Cathy, weaving past and present together.

There were plenty of sex scenes and as you can guess from the blurb not all of them are with Ben. Those scenes with Arsen are hard to read. Don't get me wrong they were hot but at the same time you (I...) wanted to scream how wrong it is to cheat.

I really hated Arsen in the beginning. Then I liked him and in the very end I LOVED him. I loved Ben throughout. Cathy was the opposite of Arsen for me, I loved her, felt "meh" about her and then I absolutely hated her.

This book is 5 stars for sure for me but I can't say I will be recommending to everyone I know.