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Immortal Bird: A Family Memoir - Doron Weber This is a really hard book to review without sounding like a total douche with a heart made of stone. The Weber family has suffered a tremendous loss and the pain of losing a child is nothing this family should have had to go through. It's sad and shows you just how unfair life really is. And that it doesn't matter who you are or who you may know in this world. However the author was so angry and so into how privileged his son was and he was that it was hard to get a good glimpse into Damon.

Before a bunch of people start attacking me saying I can never understand what the the Weber family went through, you are right. I can't. Not 100%. But I can tell that I have had similar fights and crusades as my older son has a genetic condition that will render him incapable of walking, feeding himself and basically turning into a shell of who he once was. If I "knew people" I would certainly throw their names around but in this book the attitude of the father comes across as so over the top with it that you, or at least I, lost sight of Damon.

I'm not giving this book an actual rating. I don't think doing so is fair.

This book was provided to me as part of a Goodreads, Firstreads giveaway.

This book was part of my July 13th ice cream challenge.