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Ten Things We Shouldn't Have Done - Sarah Mlynowski 3 stars. Then Things We Did (and probably shouldn't have) starts out with a bang. April wakes up next to a guy who is not her boyfriend, with a phone call from her dad saying he is 15 minutes away and coming to see her. With the description of boys half naked on the couches, stains, cigarette butts, and other things that would lead you to believe there was one hell of a party the night before April scrambles to get everything back in place.

Then the book flashes back to three months earlier with mostly boring and predictable information for roughly 250 pages. When Aprils father and his new wife Penny decide to move to Ohio from Connecticut April begs them to let her stay with her best friend Vi. Vi's mom is touring in a play and the girls set up a fake email account and phone calls pretending to be Vi's mom and after what seems like only slight hesitation April's father agrees to let her stay with Vi and and her mom for the rest of the school year. There starts the list of the the ten things that the girls did that defiantly would not be okay with the parental units. Some of the things the girls do? Buy a hot tub, get a cat, fake a cats death, lose their virginity, spend most nights drinking and throwing a party.

I don't think that I will be recommending this book to anyone specifically. Overall the flashbacks were boring and the ending didn't redeem the book in my opinion.