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Beautiful Bastard - Christina Lauren I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. I am also aware that this was once entitled "The Office" and was in the Twilight Fandom. This has no bearing on my review.

2 stars.

My first issue is that all they do is have sex. If they were not having sex they were imagining have sex, if they weren't imagining it they were talking about it. Now I'm all for sex but everyone has their limits. And it doesn't help when the sex is pretty much the same formula every time, just change up the location. And what is up with the panties. Ripping a pair, maybe two is A-Ok but by the end of the book Bennett had a drawer full of Chloe's underwear and that just isn't right. And yeah, who saves them? Eww.

I felt no attachment to the characters. I neither liked or hated them. I wasn't rooting for the relationship to fail or survive so the book was just "meh" for me.