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The Edge of Never (The Edge of Never, #1) - J.A. Redmerski The Edge of Never came highly recommended to me and after reading some of the reviews on here I decided to give it a shot. I finished the book in less then a day so it held my attention but I'm still not sure if thats because I loved the book or because I was waiting for the next shoe to drop.

My first issue is the plot, or rather the numerous subplots going on here. Come on, really? Boyfriends death, Losing BFF, fathers death, singing, Andrew's brain tumor...It was just too much. My second issue is with Cam herself and the whole "I'll force myself to be a slut". I found it irritating. Like when the 60 year old lady was checking them into the hotel and was looking at Andrew and the first thing Cam thinks is slut. Get over it. Lastly there was the attempt to bring in some light BDSM that failed. We were given no indication that Cam was into that and then BAM all of a sudden she's telling Andrew that she wants to be taken, not against her will but pretend against her will basically.

I will admit that a few of the scenes were hot. Like when they were walking down the street and Andrew comments on making Cam's ass crawl across the bed while his head was between her legs. Yeah, that was hot.

I didn't care for the ending. I've never been a fan of pregnancies at the end of the book and coupled with the tattoo it left a bad taste in my mouth. Right now I'm giving it two-two and a half stars.