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I love books. And music. My husband, my two wild boys and my friends. Hoodies, tattoos, the late Janis Joplin and Marilyn Monoe. Also Jensen and Supernatural.

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The End of Everything - Megan Abbott The End of Everything is about a young teen who's best friend goes missing one day after school. I really did not like this book. I had to force myself to finish it. For starters it was the words used. Yes, I realize the main characters are girls. It seemed like every other paragraph had something to do with girl-smell, girly hair, girly thighs, girl everything. The writing itself was choppy. Second, the way Lizzie acted when it came to the milk chute, sneaking into the abductors house, going to visit Mr. Verver, her obsession with Dusty all let a bad taste in my mouth. Lizzie is very self centered, even for a teen. While she misses her best friend, Evie she also starts to revel in the attention she now gets from Evie's father, Mr. Verver. The ending was terribly disturbing, not in a OMG, I won't sleep for a week way but in a sick to your stomach, what have you just read way.