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I love books. And music. My husband, my two wild boys and my friends. Hoodies, tattoos, the late Janis Joplin and Marilyn Monoe. Also Jensen and Supernatural.

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Broken Harbour - Tana French 3.5 stars. After hearing all my friends and book clubs rave about Tana French I decided to read Broken Harbor. I was left disappointed, slightly confused and just generally blah about the book. First off I think it could have been 100 pages shorter. scorchers inner ramblings had me tempted to skip ahead in the middle of the book. Then their was his sister, Dina. In the beginning she seemed so instrumental to the story but minus the finger nail she seemed like unneeded filler. Then there was Richie. I never saw that coming. In all actuality I thought the story would end with Richie playing an active part in the murders. My favorite part of the book was the last 10 to 15 percent.